Transport Industry Vaccination Information Sheet

There has never been a more interesting time than right now to be an employer in Australia.  And there is no industry quite like transport to be able to continually juggle the legal requirements of complying with various forms of compliance across different jurisdictions.

Carriers Insurance has recently had some inquiries regarding an Employers rights when it comes to Employees who refuse to comply with Government advice surrounding Covid-19 and we are certain that there are many more Employers out there trying to understand what their rights and obligations are.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the legislation, which each state is either yet to introduce or slowly introducing, we thought it best to get a professional view from Specialist Underwriting Agencies (SUA) who are the Insurers for all our Business Practices Protection (BPP) policies for our Transport Clients.. SUA’s BPP policies provide clients with cover for employment practices liability, which covers things such as unfair dismissal, discrimination etc and also the often large legal costs which come with defending such matters. Research shows that the earlier solicitors are engaged throughout the process, the smoother and more cost-effective that action becomes.

SUA have engaged the service of Gilchrist Connell who are specialists in employment law who manage all their legal cases that come about in this field when things go wrong.

The attached is general advice only as Gilchrist Connell have not taken into account the specific circumstances of your business or those of your individual employees.  Should you require any specific advice, we would encourage you to reach out to your Carriers Insurance Account Manager in the first instances who can consider your specifics and if required, engage Joel under your Policy with SUA.  Alternatively, we can put you in direct contact with Joel if your matter is unlikely to turn into a claim.

We hope that you find this document useful.

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