RIO Olympics Competition

The Rio Olympic Games provided an opportunity for Carriers to run their own Olympic competition where competitors needed nothing more than the luck of the draw. Find out who won our competition……..

The Rio Olympic Games has now come and gone and it provided the World with the following;

  • 16 days of fierce competition
  • 10,000 competing athletes
  • Representing 207 Nations
  • Across 31 sports
  • Where  306 sets of medals were handed out
  • And 27 new World Records were set

We randomly selected 50 clients from our data base to each represent a country of the World, with prizes given for the person that drew the countries that come 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Olympics and also a wildcard entry for the person that drew the Country that come 38th.  We chose 38 not only because it is a random number, but because it represents the number of years that Carriers Insurance Brokers has been in business.

The lucky winners of the inaugural Olympic Games competition were;

1st Place                Bagatella Bitumen

2nd Place               Foodboss

3rd Place               Campbelltown City Car Carriers

38th Place             CHG Logistics

We would like to congratulate all winners and the Westfield vouchers are in the post.

To all other participants, we hope you enjoyed the spirit of the Games and the competition.

We look forward to hosting similar events in the future.

The Carriers Team