Risk Management

COVID-19 – We would like to assist and provide you with some general advice on how to protect a variety of building types, should a temporary closure be required.  Each guide includes risk control measures and site closures checklists for your use.

(Whilst these documents reference Zurich throughout, this generally applies in all circumstances).  Contact AEI and not Zurich if/where it references Zurich).


General Risk Management

Managing risk is critical for any company. It can mean the difference between business success and disaster which is why every company needs to ensure that it has adequate insurance coverage and risk management procedures in place.

Risk management covers a large scope of your operation including the well being of employees, drivers, the day to day operation of the business, Risk Control Management and Occupational Health and Safety Programs to name a few.

Our philosophy is that if we can improve driver, employee and company attitudes to safety and risk management, the overall results for our clients, will be better.

Carriers Insurance Brokers recognises the importance of risk management for its customers and works in partnership with a number of companies that have the expertise, along with the training and resources to assist you in all aspects of your risk management and risk reduction for your business. Our experience in and around the transport industry enables us to recommend many alternatives that are designed to accommodate individual or company requirements.

If you’d like to discuss Risk Management, please contact us or phone our office.