Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation insurance is often one of the largest expenses a business can face and costs can really blow out where there are large claims.

In addition to this, there are also large fines etc involved where the Policy is not arranged correctly and the reality of this is that it can often be the complexity of the system, rather than the business’s desire to be non-compliant that leads to the breach.

Carriers Insurance Brokers are able to provide support with all types of Workers Compensation inquiries.

The main areas that we focus on are:

  • Classification to ensure that your business is correctly classified from the outset, which in turn should avoid any penalties from WorkCover and ensure that you are paying the correct premium.
  • Ensuring that you are correctly covered for the varying jurisdictions in which your employees work.
  • Reviewing the wage structure of the business across the various jurisdictions to ensure that the premiums are the most competitive available.
  • Support with claims management and return to work programmes where required.

The largest costs associated with Workers Compensation are the impact of claims and in particular delays in having injured workers returned to the workplace. Through our association with Austbrokers, we have access to a number of OH&S specialty providers whose services are far reaching in the Workers Compensation field, including investigations and implementation of OH&S systems. But their main focus is on the safety of employees and having them returned to the workplace as soon as possible following a workplace incident.

These companies have been selected by Austbrokers as they are the best of breed and often their costs will be covered by the insurance companies meaning that our clients get the best solutions at no direct cost to them.

We would be more than happy to provide an obligation-free review of your Workers Compensation programme. Should you wish to talk to one of our team regarding this, please click here.