Truck Insurance

The obvious class of insurance for all Transport Companies is the cover for the vehicles themselves, which in most instances will be a requirement of the Financier, let alone a prudent option for the owner of the vehicle as well.

Whilst all Australian Motor Vehicle insurance policies are the same in their structure, where Carriers will add value is by choosing the Insurer and Policy Structure that best suits your business.

All Motor Vehicle policies have two sections, with section one being the material damage cover on your own vehicle and section two being third party property damage arising out of the use of your vehicle.

What is less known is that this is the “basic” policy, which can then be amended where required to meet a client’s specific needs. At Carriers, it is our role to investigate the specific needs of your business and to design the Policy that best meets these and protects the exposures your business faces. Each Transport company is different in their operation and it is only by getting to know your requirements that we can best achieve this result for you.

Some of the areas we focus on will be:

  • Whether you are best suited to a Flat Premium or are open to other premium structure options.
  • Do you require cover for any young or inexperienced drivers?
  • Is there an exposure to Dangerous Goods cartage or other areas where cover under the basic policy may be excluded or limited?
  • Does the Finance commitment on your vehicle exceed the market value, in which case we need to look at the claims settlement options that would be best for you?
  • Would you prefer to have a Market Value or Agreed Value policy?
  • Is there an exposure arising from the towing of other companies’ trailers in which case we can have that covered.
  • There are policies available for downtime should your vehicle be off the road through an accident and we can provide options for that cover.
  • Could choosing a higher excess be a better long-term option for you financially?

At Carriers, we have access to all reputable Australian based Insurers and that, coupled with the experience and professionalism of our team will ensure that we can structure the best package for your requirements.

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