Public Liability Insurance

We live in one of the most litigious societies in the World and with that comes exposure to financial loss through the negligence of yourself or one of your employees.

Public Liability insurance protects clients for both bodily injury and property damage incurred by Third Parties arising out of the operations of their business. With many bodily injury claims, the quantum generally starts at $750,000, on top of which you also need to consider the legal costs in defending yourself or your business.

Public Liability Insurance is a requirement under most commercial contracts, which makes it a must for all businesses. Beyond this, the Policy also makes good commercial sense, for a small premium in comparison to your total business turnover, you are ensuring that the negligence of either yourself or your employees will not threaten what you have worked hard to build up.

Being a member of the Austbrokers Group, we have access to wordings which are broader than those generally offered by the insurance market, which in turn assures that we achieve the best result for our clients come time of a claim.

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