Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance is designed to cover damage or destruction of any goods which are being transported from one place to another.

At Carriers, we are able to insure goods whilst being transported around the globe or alternatively around Australia. The most common policy would be an annual policy which would cover each of the movements our clients does throughout the year, or where required, we can also arrange cover for individual transits. There are also varying cover options available being goodwill cover which is designed to pay if your customers goods are damaged during transit or Carriers Liability which is designed to defend your terms and conditions of carriage.

Like other forms of insurance, the Insurers will have their basic policies which then need to be amended to suit the individual requirements of the client and the loads that they carry.

As an example, most policies will exclude cover for certain product types such as cigarettes or household personal effects which we need to have corrected should our clients carry those products at any stage. Likewise, some policies won’t provide adequate cover for specific events such as breakdown of refrigerated machinery or temperature mismanagement, which for refrigerated operators is vital. It could even be increasing the sub-limits for clean-up should you carry loads that would cost a lot to clean up following an accident.

Our role in the process is to understand the specific requirements of your business and your intentions should a claim occur damaging your clients product. From here, we will construct a policy designed to meet your specific needs.

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