Management Liability Insurance

One of the greatest exposures facing all businesses these days is the increasing regulation being imposed by Gov’t bodies, including a business’s responsibilities towards their employees.

The regulation can come from several bodies, including WorkCover, Fair Work Australia, the EPA and the various State Gov’t Transport departments and with an increase in regulation comes an increase in exposure to companies and individuals that can be deemed non-compliant.

In response to increasing regulation, the insurance industry has developed several products to protect businesses and the individuals that own, manage and work in those businesses.

The various sections of the Policy are:

  • Statutory Liability which provides protection against fines and penalties imposed by Gov’t authorities for breaches of statutory acts, provided that the breach is not through wilful misconduct.
  • Employment Practices Liability which protects against such things as unfair dismissal, harassment etc in the workplace.
  • Defence Costs Indemnity which will ensure that all legal defence costs associated with protecting the company and individual from the first notification of an investigation are covered.
  • Fidelity guarantee which covers against employee fraud.
  • Reputation Expense Costs which will allow for the engagement of a PR professional following a major incident to ensure that the company is shown in the most positive light possible, both in the media and more importantly to their clients and suppliers.
  • Tax Audit expenses which would cover the costs of Accountants should you receive notice of a Tax Audit from the ATO.

These policies are designed to not only cover the business, but also the Directors, Officers and Employees that work within that business.

Whilst these policies are broadly accessible, there are certain fine-print exclusions which can render the wrong policy useless. One such example is the Traffic exclusion under most policies which means that any fines associated with the movement of a vehicle would be excluded. For this reason, it is vital that your insurance programme is put together by a qualified professional to ensure that you receive full protection come time of a claim and that you aren’t left exposed to an uninsured loss.

With vast experience in this class of business, including the successful settlement of a number of large claims, you can rest assured that the team at Carriers will design the most appropriate programme for you.

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