Insurance Products

Truck Insurance

The obvious class of insurance for all Transport Companies is the cover for the vehicles themselves, which in most instances will be a requirement of the Financier, let alone a prudent option for the owner of the vehicle as well.

Whilst all Australian Motor Vehicle insurance policies are the same in their structure, where Carriers will add value is by choosing the Insurer and Policy Structure that best suits your business.

Civil Contractors and Earthmoving

At Carriers, we are committed to the Earthmoving and Civil Contracting industries.

We have been specialising in the Civil Contracting industry for over 20 years and during this time developed a branding synonymous with that industry. We have also developed a variety of specific products and services suitable for smaller owner operators to be able to mirror the covers generally only afforded to the larger organisations.

Management Liability Insurance

One of the greatest exposures facing all businesses these days is the increasing regulation being imposed by Gov’t bodies, including a business’s responsibilities towards their employees.

The regulation can come from several bodies, including WorkCover, Fair Work Australia, the EPA and the various State Gov’t Transport departments and with an increase in regulation comes an increase in exposure to companies and individuals that can be deemed non-compliant.

Public Liability Insurance

We live in one of the most litigious societies in the World and with that comes exposure to financial loss through the negligence of yourself or one of your employees.

Public Liability insurance protects clients for both bodily injury and property damage incurred by Third Parties arising out of the operations of their business. With many bodily injury claims, the quantum generally starts at $750,000, on top of which you also need to consider the legal costs in defending yourself or your business.

Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance is designed to cover damage or destruction of any goods which are being transported from one place to another.

At Carriers, we are able to insure goods whilst being transported around the globe or alternatively around Australia. The most common policy would be an annual policy which would cover each of the movements our clients does throughout the year, or where required, we can also arrange cover for individual transits. There are also varying cover options available being goodwill cover which is designed to pay if your customers goods are damaged during transit or Carriers Liability which is designed to defend your terms and conditions of carriage.

Property Insurance

At Carriers, we can cater for all your property insurance requirements, be that your warehouse, an office or even your home insurance.

Property insurance provides you with protection for the rebuilding costs associated with a major loss, as well as any plant, machinery or other contents that may be damaged or destroyed.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation insurance is often one of the largest expenses a business can face and costs can really blow out where there are large claims.

In addition to this, there are also large fines etc involved where the Policy is not arranged correctly and the reality of this is that it can often be the complexity of the system, rather than the business’s desire to be non-compliant that leads to the breach.

Life Insurance and Income Protection

The most valuable asset of any business is the people that own and run the business.

It is therefore vital for the business and the owners’ family that in the event that something happens to one of those people there is a contingency plan in place to ensure the ongoing strength of the business and the security of the owners’ family.