Changes to NSW CTP Greenslips

We have recently been advised that Zurich Insurance will be handing back their license to issue CTP Greenslips with effect from 1 March 2016.

During the period between now and 1 March, we are able to renew all Greenslips with Zurich and they will manage the run-off of those policies for the length of the Policy and any claims that arise, as they are required to do under their licensing obligations.

While in the transition period, Carriers Insurance Brokers will continue to monitor the Market and advise the best solution for each client as we have always done.  This will be through reviewing the options of all mainstream heavy vehicle CTP Insurers including Zurich, Allianz and QBE.

With the view of obtaining the best options for our clients moving forward, we are currently in discussions with a number of alternate providers.  With our scale as one of the largest issuers of CTP Greenslips, we are confident that the option we can negotiate will be market-leading.

We hope to be in a position to notify you shortly of the outcome of these discussions.  Should you have a Greenslip falling due in the interim, contact us and we will review that for you or alternatively contact us should you wish to discuss this further.