AUB Group Limited

The Austbrokers Network was established in 1985 to give individual General Insurance Brokers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a large group, yet still maintain control over their individual businesses.

This equity-based business model, is the driving philosophy behind their success, where the owners remain directly responsible for the day to day operations of their business. At the same time, each business actively leverages the advantages of Austbrokers scale, infrastructure and operational know-how. Together, we are actively building extraordinary businesses.

AUB Group Limited was successfully floated on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1997, and has continued a strong performance since. With over 450,000 clients nationally and over $2.5 billion of premiums annually the group is growing strongly with the ability to offer clients the initiative of individual businesses backed with national negotiating.

AUB Group Limited is keeping ahead of the curve, which comes not in anticipating the future, but in creating it. That’s what they have been doing since their inception in 1985. From the unveiling of their ‘owner-driver’ model, to providing a common broking platform, to the launch of their new Risk Services division, Austbrokers is keeping ahead of the curve each and every day. Along the way, they are defining what it means to be a comprehensive insurance and risk services organisation, building a reputation as the best partner in the insurance industry, and inspiring a successful future for their partners and clients.

Effective from 30th November 2015, the parent company of the Austbrokers Group has changed its name from Austbrokers Holdings Limited, to AUB Group Limited.

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